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Those versions need one tweak in order to mesh together. The
v0.4.3-063a firmware has the olsrd_secure 0.6 module enabled by default.
The BBHN v1.0 firmware has the olsrd_secure 0.6 module disabled by
default, so you need to turn it on.

See the archives of this forum (09/30/2013 at 08:30 AM Pacific Time) for
a recipe on how to enable the olsrd_secure 0.6 module.

That was message # 1867 from Steve.

Let's see if we can make a check list for going either way. This is
mostly cut and paste from Steve's post.

To enable a BBHN node to talk to NW-MESH:

1. Change SSID to "NW-MESH-2412"

2. Enable olsrd

a. Check to make sure the /etc/olsrd.key file exists. If not, copy
it from a HSMM-MESHâ„¢ 0.4.x or NW-MESH 0.4.3-063a unit, or ask someone
to email it to you off list. (This currently only applies to WRT54G
units and needs to be expanded to include Ubiquiti and/or generic
OpenWRT units.)

b. Edit the /etc/config/olsrd.conf file and uncomment (delete the
leading # characters) from the lines which reference the olsrd_secure
plugin. Those lines should now look like this:

LoadPlugin ""
PlParam "Keyfile" "/etc/olsrd.key"

c. Either reboot the unit or restart the OLSR daemon by issuing
these commands:

/etc/init.d/olsrd stop
/etc/init.d/olsrd start

To configure a NW-MESH node to connect to BBHN:

1. Change SSID to BBBB?

2. Disable OLSRD - Reverse steps b. and c. above.

a. Comment out the lines in /etc/config/olsrd.conf that reference
olsrd_secure plugin by putting the '#' sign in from of them.

b. Reboot the unit or restart OLSRD daemon

/etc/init.d/olsrd stop
/etc/init.d/olsrd start

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