Mesh Access Point

The NW-MESH nodes build the network but they don't provide a means for WiFi RF access to the system. For that, an Access-Point is required. One option is to set the Mode of a WRT54G to AP-MESH. Another option, which leaves the WRT54G's available for MESH duties, is to use a Linksys WAP (Wireless Access Point).

1. Power on the WAP-11.
* Version 2.8 requires 12 V
* All others use 5 V

2. Get Root access - 10 second long hold of reboot. Default login is password: <empty> and password: admin
3. Get IP Web Page access -
1. set local NIC address to
2. Hook to existing NW-MESH node. Save current NW-MESH device address. Change MESH node address to - reboot - reboot device to get new address access page

4. Configure WAP node for NW-MESH
1. IP address:
2. Channel: 9
3. SSID:
4. Node Name:
5. save changes

5. Reset NW-MESH node (or local computer Internet interface) to known values. Reboot NW-MESH node. Reboot PC.
6. Try accessing by connecting to WIFI node
1. Access Local MESH interface at

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