Mesh 900 MHz

Integrating 900 MHz Ubiquity Nodes with the Mesh

Devices supported;

  • NanoBridge
  • NanoStation Loco XM
  • Rocket XM
  • On the nanobridge there is an internal antenna and an rp-sma for adding another antenna

Newer Ubiquity Hardware, the XW series, does not take a BBHN firmware. Older hardware is required. This is the XM series which is AirOS version 5.5.7 or before.

BBHN Release Notes


900 MHz (M9) advantage
Penetrates trees and some obstacles
Usually higher noise levels
6dB propagation advantage vs. 2.4 GHz
Limited available spectrum – limit to 5 MHz bandwidth channels

Serval Mesh Extender -

XBee use for the cancelled RPI link - Server setup

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