NW-MESH Frequently Asked Questions
What is BBHN?

Broadband Hamnet - the new name being used by the core HSMM-MESH folks.

Will a WRT54 router still work as an Access Point after flashing with HSMM-MESH software?

Rusty: Once flashed, the router remains an AP with the SSID of 'MeshNode'. It's not until a password and node name are entered, saved, and rebooted that the unit becomes a true mesh node.

Can an Ubiquity Bullet firmware be reflashed back to the original AIR-OS after installing MESH software?

Yes. The original software is available from the Ubiquity web site. See http://wiki.ubnt.com/Firmware_Recovery

What are the default network ports used by a NW-MESH box?

* 8080 - web interface
* 22xx - SSH access
* 2004 - topo mapping program - optional

Which WRT54G routers work?

* WRT54G - version 1 thru 4. versions 5 or newer do not have enough memory
* WRT54GS - verson 1 thru 4. Note version 4 has less memory and requires a special install image.
* WRT54GL - same as WRT54G version 4
* WRT54G-TM - same as WRT54GS version 3 - see X for install instructions

Can you turn off one of the WRT54G antenna ports?

Yes - the basic setup page allows controlling which antenna is used for what.

Which other Routers work for NW-MESH?

Generally any router that is listed in the openwrt table of hardware as running OpenWRT. Routers with only 4 MB of flash may not support the web interface and require editing of the text configuration files.

What cables go where, and where to login on wireless?

The "WAN" (single uplink) port of the Access Point goes to any one of the LAN ports (usually there are 4) on any of the NW-MESH units.

You can connect either by Wifi to the "NW-MESH-ACCESS" wifi address or by connecting a wire from a laptop or any other computer that uses DHCP to fetch an address to any one of the LAN ports on any of the MESH units.

Once you are connected to the NW-MESH box, you can test by runnint the command "ipconfig" in a DOS command box. If it shows that you have a 172 address - probably - you have an address assigned by the NW-MESH box. Then you can connect to the control screen by entering this in your browser:

What is the difference between .bin and .trx files?

* TRX extension: These are the firmware in raw format, suitable for writing directly to the flash or for vendors that don't require a BIN file.
* BIN extension file is the raw format firmware with a vendor specific header.

How do I power an Ubiquity Bullet from 12V DC?

Use a multiple device PoE block with a standard power input connector. Like: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Power-Over-Ethernet-for-8-devices-/180900511933

How do I do port forwarding with an Ubiquity Bullet?

* Documentation of the format for doing it via ssh: http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/port.forwarding
* Googling for "openwrt port forwarding luci" provides a how-to video and many documents.

Is there a method for adding external antenna to the WR703N?

* http://blagg.tadkom.net/2012/09/15/better-wr703n-antenna-mod

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